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RFM Stock Info - Feb 12, 2024
◾ Open: 2.95 :: Close: 2.95
◾ High: 2.95 :: Low: 2.95
◾ Volume : 8,000
source: http://www.pse.com.ph
 Press Releases
RFM Declares Php 350M dividends as 2022 Estimated Revenues Grow 15% and Income Hits Php1.06B - 5 January 2023
RFM Approves Php1.2B Capex to Grow Milk and Other Fast-Growing Consumer and Institutional Businesses - 1 September 2022
RFM First Quarter 2022 Sales Grow 17% as Income rises 4% to Php334B - 4 May 2022
RFM Declares Cash Dividends of Php394M as 2021 Sales Grow 7% to Php16.8B-12 January 2022
RFM Declares Cash Dividends of Php417M - 30 June 2021
RFM 2021 First Quarter Income surges 51% to Php320M - 5 May 2021
RFM Brands Grow Double Digit in 2020 as Company Declares Cash Dividends of Php350M
RFM Declares Cash Dividends of Php366M as Revenues top Php7B and Income grows 5% in First Half 2020 - 29 July 2020
RFM 1st Quarter Revenues Grow 3% to Php3.2B as Income Hits Php212M - 13 May 2020
RFM Launches Selecta Fortified Sterilized Milk 28 February 2020
RFM 2019 Income Grows 10.3% to Php1.221B, declares Php366m dividends
RFM Declares Cash Dividend of Php271 Million or P0.0774 per Share on the back of 10.3% Growth in 1H 2019 Revenues and Php400M New Capex
RFM Celebrates 60th Year
RFM Grows 2017 Net Income by 6% to P1.06B
RFM Declares Cash Dividend of Php300 Million or P0.08576 per Share
RFM’s 9-month Income Up 9% to P683 Million
RFM’s Third Quarter Income Up 20% to P211 Million
RFM Corporation Posts Php508 Million First Half 2017 Income
RFM Posts P1 Billion Income in 2016, Up 11%
RFM Declares Special Cash Dividend of P0.05 per Share
RFM’s 2016 First Half Income Up 8% to P508 Million
RFM First Quarter Income Surges to P216 Million, Up 20%
RFM Posts Record Income of P908 Million in 2015, Up 9%
RFM’s First Nine Month Income Up 9% to P628 Million
RFM Pre-Terminates Long-Term Loans
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