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The Company
RFM Corporation is one of the biggest food and beverage companies in the Philippines (Over US$300 Mn asset-size in 2014). It was established 58 years ago (1958) as the pioneer in the flour-milling industry in the Asian region, and it evolved from a single company producing bags of flour, to a multi-company enterprise managing a chain of branded products that are highly visible in the consumer market today. RFM offers strong consumer brands known for quality and value in the Philippine market. The company is either the market leader or a significant player in many of the food and beverage categories in the market. Among the branded products which it markets are: White King (cake mixes and flour-based products), Royal and Fiesta (Pasta and Sauce), Sunkist (fruit juices), Selecta (milk- based products) and Selecta (ice cream, under the joint venture with Unilever). The company continues to operate its flourmilling business that serves the requirements of several bakeshops, and makers of biscuits, cookies, noodles, snacks and other flour-based products. It also produces flour for its internal requirements for pasta, flour mixes, and bread.

Over the years, various partnerships, acquisitions and licensing agreements have boosted RFMs strong market presence and successful brand building efforts. Among its past acquisitions were the Cosmos Bottling Corp., Selecta Dairy Phil., Inc. which have grown to be major brands in the country. RFM also has a joint venture partnership with Unilever Philippines Inc. on the Selecta ice cream operations, which is now a dominant market leader in the ice cream industry. RFM also recently acquired the strong heritage brand of Royal pasta, that consolidates the market leadership position of RFM pasta brands of Royal and Fiesta. RFM also has a brand licensing agreement with Sunkist Growers of USA, Inc.

The solid partnerships that it has built, together with its commitment to produce more value for the consumer's money, contributed much to making RFM world-class Filipino food conglomerate. It is expected to gain even more consumer patronage as it continues to give the Filipino consumer the option to buy world-class products at affordable prices. Value for money is the same commitment it upholds in entering the highly competitive and dynamic world market.

Product excellence, aggressive marketing, keen management and good governance are the driving forces that steer RFM's recognized success.

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